Inkjet vs. Laser

If you’re still here, that means you have an inkjet printer and inkjet labels are more suitable for you than laser. Still, it’s valuable to learn the differences between these two types of labels and to apply this knowledge on your following purchases. Let’s discover what’s good and what’s bad about these two types of labels.

Inkjet: Inkjet labels are superior to laser labels when printing images or any document that heavily relies on vibrant colors to create positive effect. It’s true that inkjet printers are slower than laser printers, but if printing at home, we assume you don’t have a large quantity to print, and if printing with our expert printing professionals, the speed of printing is not your worry.

Laser: If you need black-and-white labels, laser are definitely more suitable for you. Laser printers are unbeatable when it comes to the sharpness and contrast of black lettering on a white surface.

Again, there are inkjet labels suitable for label printers as well, so be sure to talk to our printing professionals at length until we decide what’s the best solution for your application.