Inkjet Labels Overview

Inkjet labels are among the most common types of labels people order, mostly because of their low cost and easy production. Though there is a clear distinction between laser and inkjet printers, there are many types of labels that can be printed on both. Still, if the label has a clear indication that it is suitable only for inkjet printers, we strongly advise you to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, in order to avoid financial and technical damages.

There are a few things to always consider when purchasing inkjet labels. First, they are sensitive to water, so it is very important not to get the label wet when printing, because moisture will smudge the ink. Second, if you need a water resistant label for an inkjet printer, note that vinyl labels are most commonly used for inkjet printers, and polyester is more often used for laser printing.

Though inkjet labels might seem complicated because of their sensitivity to water, people like working with them because, when printed right, these labels deliver sharp images and very vibrant colors that are important for the types of applications that most commonly require inkjet labeling:

• mailing and shipping parcels,

• marketing (brochures, catalogues) and office materials,

• barcodes,

• organization items.